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Luke Greer

Luke Greer named new Director of Operations for Atmosphere Movers

Atmosphere Movers is excited to announce its recent hire of Luke Greer, who will join the team as the Director of Operations. Within his role, Luke will be assisting with day to day operations including customer service, procurement of commercial moves, providing on-site estimates, fleet management, staffing, marketing, and community outreach. “Joining the Atmosphere team […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Professional Packing Services

Many people who try to wing it by going DIY when moving usually end up with some nasty surprises. Moving comes with many potential pitfalls including, but not limited to, injuries sustained during the packing, loading or unloading process as well as potentially costly damage to your valuable belongings. Other people prefer to hire a […]

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How are Your Moving Costs Determined?

Despite its challenges, New Orleans is gradually becoming a place where locals and outsiders want to live, maybe due to its unique culture, including the world-famous Mardi Gras. Census Bureau data shows that nearly 50K people moved into the New Orleans metro area between 2010-2014. For most people, moving is already a huge task logistically. […]

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5 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Human beings are a pretty mistake-prone and forgetful lot. But don’t lose sleep over it–it comes with the territory. In fact, you should be thankful you don’t remember everything because it helps to lessen the cognitive load that would otherwise lead to serious confusion. Unfortunately, you are not likely to share that sentiment once you […]

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